The default rendering intent.

Static Properties

Name Description
ABSOLUTE_COLORIMETRIC Aims to maintain color accuracy at the expense of color relationshps and is suitable for proofing to simulate the output of a particular device. Note: Leaves colors that fall inside the destination gamut unchanged and clips out-of-gamut colors.
PERCEPTUAL Aims to preserve the visual relationship between colors so they are perceived as natural to the human eye, even though the color values themselves may change.
RELATIVE_COLORIMETRIC Compares the extreme highlight of the source color space to that of the destination color space and shifts all colors accordingly. Out-of-gamut colors are shifted to the closest reproducible color in the destination color space. Note: Preserves more of the original colors in an image than perceptual rendering intent does.
SATURATION Tries to produce vivid colors in an image at the expense of color accuracy.