Special character options.

Static Properties

Name Description
ARABIC_COMMA Inserts an arabic comma.
ARABIC_KASHIDA Inserts an arabic kashida.
ARABIC_QUESTION_MARK Inserts an arabic question mark.
ARABIC_SEMICOLON Inserts an arabic semicolon.
AUTO_PAGE_NUMBER Inserts an automatic page number.
BULLET_CHARACTER Inserts a bullet character.
COLUMN_BREAK Inserts a column break.
COPYRIGHT_SYMBOL Inserts a copyright symbol.
DEGREE_SYMBOL Inserts a degree symbol.
DISCRETIONARY_HYPHEN Inserts a discretionary hyphen.
DISCRETIONARY_LINE_BREAK Inserts a discretionary line break.
DOTTED_CIRCLE Inserts a dotted circle.
DOUBLE_LEFT_QUOTE Inserts a double left quote.
DOUBLE_RIGHT_QUOTE Inserts a double right quote.
DOUBLE_STRAIGHT_QUOTE Inserts a double straight quote.
ELLIPSIS_CHARACTER Inserts an ellipsis character.
EM_DASH Inserts an em dash.
EM_SPACE Inserts an em space.
END_NESTED_STYLE Inserts an end nested style here character.
EN_DASH Inserts an en dash.
EN_SPACE Inserts an en space.
EVEN_PAGE_BREAK Inserts a break to the next even page.
FIGURE_SPACE Inserts a figure space.
FIXED_WIDTH_NONBREAKING_SPACE Inserts a fixed-width nonbreaking space.
FLUSH_SPACE Inserts a flush space.
FOOTNOTE_SYMBOL Inserts a footnote symbol.
FORCED_LINE_BREAK Inserts a forced line break.
FRAME_BREAK Inserts a frame break.
HAIR_SPACE Inserts a hair space.
HEBREW_GERESH Inserts a hebrew geresh.
HEBREW_GERSHAYIM Inserts a hebrew gershayim.
HEBREW_MAQAF Inserts a hebrew maqaf.
HEBREW_SOF_PASUK Inserts a hebrew sof pasuk.
INDENT_HERE_TAB Inserts an indent to here character.
LEFT_TO_RIGHT_EMBEDDING Inserts a left to right embedding mark.
LEFT_TO_RIGHT_MARK Inserts a left to right mark.
LEFT_TO_RIGHT_OVERRIDE Inserts a left to right override mark.
NEXT_PAGE_NUMBER Inserts the next page number.
NONBREAKING_HYPHEN Inserts a nonbreaking hyphen.
NONBREAKING_SPACE Inserts a nonbreaking space.
ODD_PAGE_BREAK Inserts a break to the next odd page.
PAGE_BREAK Inserts a page break.
PARAGRAPH_SYMBOL Inserts a paragraph symbol.
POP_DIRECTIONAL_FORMATTING Inserts a pop directional formatting mark.
PREVIOUS_PAGE_NUMBER Inserts the previous page number.
PUNCTUATION_SPACE Inserts a punctuation space.
QUARTER_SPACE Inserts a quarter-width space.
REGISTERED_TRADEMARK Inserts a registered trademark.
RIGHT_INDENT_TAB Inserts a right indent tab.
RIGHT_TO_LEFT_EMBEDDING Inserts a right to left embedding mark.
RIGHT_TO_LEFT_MARK Inserts a right to left mark.
RIGHT_TO_LEFT_OVERRIDE Inserts a right to left override mark.
SECTION_MARKER Inserts a section marker.
SECTION_SYMBOL Inserts a section symbol.
SINGLE_LEFT_QUOTE Inserts a single left quote.
SINGLE_RIGHT_QUOTE Inserts a single right quote.
SINGLE_STRAIGHT_QUOTE Inserts a single straight quote.
SIXTH_SPACE Inserts a sixth-width space.
TEXT_VARIABLE Inserts the specified text variable.
THIN_SPACE Inserts a thin space.
THIRD_SPACE Inserts a third-width space.
TRADEMARK_SYMBOL Inserts a trademark symbol.
ZERO_WIDTH_JOINER Inserts a zero width joiner.
ZERO_WIDTH_NONJOINER Inserts a zero-width non-joiner.