The enumeration of tool box tools.

Static Properties

Name Description
ADD_ANCHOR_POINT The add anchor point tool
CONVERT_DIRECTION_POINT The convert direction point tool
DELETE_ANCHOR_POINT The delete anchor point tool
DIRECT_SELECTION_TOOL The direct selection tool
ELLIPSE_FRAME_TOOL The ellipse frame tool
ELLIPSE_TOOL The ellipse tool
ERASE_TOOL The erase tool
EYE_DROPPER_TOOL The eye dropper tool
FREE_TRANSFORM_TOOL The free transform tool
GAP_TOOL The gap tool
GRADIENT_FEATHER_TOOL The gradient feather tool
GRADIENT_SWATCH_TOOL The gradient swatch tool
HAND_TOOL The hand tool
LINE_TOOL The line tool
MEASURE_TOOL The measure tool
MOTION_PATH_TOOL The motion path tool
NONE No selection
NOTE_TOOL The note tool
PAGE_TOOL The page tool
PENCIL_TOOL The pencil tool
PEN_TOOL The pen tool
PLACE_CURSOR_TOOL The place cursor tool which gets set after an import via the Place command
POLYGON_FRAME_TOOL The polygon frame tool
POLYGON_TOOL The polygon tool
RECTANGLE_FRAME_TOOL The rectangle frame tool
RECTANGLE_TOOL The rectangle tool
ROTATE_TOOL The rotate tool
SCALE_TOOL The scale tool
SCISSORS_TOOL The scissors tool
SELECTION_TOOL The selection tool
SHEAR_TOOL The shear tool
SMOOTH_TOOL The smooth tool
TABLE_TOOL The table creation tool
TYPE_ON_PATH_TOOL The type on a path tool
TYPE_TOOL The type tool
ZOOM_TOOL The zoom tool