Name Description Access
AcrobatCompatibility The exported PDF document's Acrobat compatibility. read-write
AddPageOptions Options for auto page insertion in response to overset text. read-write
AdornmentOverprint Overprint options for kenten marks. read-write
AlignDistributeBounds Options for aligning or distributing objects. read-write
AlignOptions Options for aligning objects. read-write
AlignmentStyleOptions Alignment options. read-write
AlternateGlyphForms Glyph variant substitution options for standard glyphs. read-write
AlternatingFillsTypes Pattern options for alternating fills. read-write
AnchorPoint The reference point on the object's bounding box that does not move during transformation operations. Note: Transformations include rotation, scaling, flipping, and shearing. read-write
AnchorPosition Options for specifying the position of the anchored object relative to the its anchor. read-write
AnchoredRelativeTo The horizontal alignment point of an anchored object. read-write
AnimationEaseOptions The ease option. read-write
AnimationPlayOperations Playback options. read-write
AntiAliasType The anti-aliasing type. read-write
ArrangeBy The order in which to arrange records in the target document. read-write
ArrowHead The shape of one or both ends of an open path. read-write
ArrowHeadAlignmentEnum Arrowhead alignment types. read-write
AssetType Asset type options. read-write
AssignmentExportOptions Export options for assignment files. read-write
AssignmentStatus The status of the assigment. read-write
AttachedDevices The device types that are attached. read-write
AutoEnum The default value. read-write
AutoSizingReferenceEnum Auto sizing reference points for text. read-write
AutoSizingTypeEnum Auto sizing type options for text. read-write
BalanceLinesStyle Options for balancing line endings in the text. read-write
BaselineFrameGridRelativeOption The starting point used to calculate the baseline frame grid offset. read-write
BaselineGridRelativeOption The zero point for the baseline grid offset. read-write
BehaviorEvents Behavior trigger event options. read-write
BevelAndEmbossDirection Bevel and emboss direction options. read-write
BevelAndEmbossStyle Bevel and emboss style options. read-write
BevelAndEmbossTechnique Bevel and emboss technique options. read-write
BindingOptions The location of the binding spine in a spread. read-write
BitmapCompression The type of compression for bitmap images. read-write
BlendMode Blend mode options. read-write
BlendingSpace Transparency blending space options. read-write
BookContentStatus Book content file status options. read-write
BookletTypeOptions Booklet type options. read-write
BoundingBoxLimits Bounding box limits. read-write
BuildingBlockTypes Cross reference building block types. read-write
BulletCharacterType Bullet character type. read-write
BulletListExportOption Options for export unorder list. read-write
Capitalization Capitalization options. read-write
CellTypeEnum Specify the type of cell, either text or graphic. read-write
ChangeBackgroundColorChoices Background color options for changed text. read-write
ChangeCaseOptions Change case options. read-write
ChangeConditionsModes Change conditions modes. read-write
ChangeMarkings Marking options for changed text. read-write
ChangeTextColorChoices Changed text color options. read-write
ChangeTypes Change type options. read-write
ChangebarLocations Change bar location options. read-write
ChangecaseMode Text case options. read-write
ChapterNumberSources Chapter number sources. read-write
CharacterAlignment Options for aligning small characters to the largest character in the line. read-write
CharacterCountLocation Character count location options. read-write
CharacterDirectionOptions Character direction. read-write
ClippingPathType The type of clipping path to create. read-write
ColorModel Color model options. read-write
ColorOutputModes Color output mode options for composites. read-write
ColorRenderingDictionary The color-rendering dictionary (CRD) to use. read-write
ColorSettingsPolicy The policy for handling mismatched CMYK configurations. read-write
ColorSpace Color space options. read-write
ComposeUsing Hyphenation exceptions list options for composing text. read-write
CompressionQuality The amount and type of compression to use for bitmap images. read-write
ConditionIndicatorMethod Options for the condition indicator method. read-write
ConditionIndicatorMode Condition indicator mode options. read-write
ConditionUnderlineIndicatorAppearance Options for the condition underline indicator appearance. read-write
ContainerType The container type. read-write
ContentType The content type of an object. read-write
ContourOptionsTypes The path on which to base the contour text wrap. read-write
ConvertPageBreaks Options for converting manual page breaks. read-write
ConvertShapeOptions Options for indicating the type of shape to which to covert an object. read-write
ConvertTablesOptions Options for converting tables. read-write
CoordinateSpaces Coordinate space options. read-write
CopyrightStatus The copyright status of the document. read-write
CornerOptions Corner options. read-write
CreateProxy Options for creating preview images. read-write
CrossReferenceType Instructional text options for cross reference. read-write
CursorTypes Cursor types. read-write
CustomLayoutTypeEnum Custom Layout Type Options. read-write
DataFormat Format options for image data. read-write
DefaultRenderingIntent The default rendering intent. read-write
DesignOptions The animation design options. read-write
DiacriticPositionOptions Diacritic position. read-write
DigitsTypeOptions Digits type options. read-write
DigpubArticleVersion The version of the plugin and article that are available. read-write
DigpubVersion The versions that are available. read-write
DimensionAttributes Dimension attribute which you want to control. read-write
DimensionsConstraints Dimension constraints for the object-based layout rule read-write
DisplayOrderOptions Values to specify the order table cells will display in story and galley views. read-write
DisplaySettingOptions Display performance options. read-write
DistributeOptions Options for distributing objects. read-write
DocumentIntentOptions Options for document intent. read-write
DocumentPrintUiOptions Document print ui options read-write
DynamicDocumentsJPEGQualityOptions Dynamic documents JPEG Quality options. read-write
DynamicDocumentsTextExportPolicy Dynamic documents text export policy. read-write
DynamicMediaHandlingOptions Dynamic media handling options. read-write
DynamicTriggerEvents The event that triggers a list of dynamic target objects to play. read-write
EPSColorSpace Color space options for representing color in the exported EPS. read-write
EPSImageData Options for exporting image data to the EPS document. read-write
EPubFootnotePlacement Choices for footnote placement. read-write
EditingState The editing state of the file in Version Cue. read-write
EmptyFrameFittingOptions Options for fitting content in an empty frame. read-write
EndCap End cap types. read-write
EndJoin End join types. read-write
EndnoteFrameCreate Options for frame creation of endnotes. read-write
EndnoteRestarting Options for restarting endnote numbering. read-write
EndnoteScope Options for scope of endnote placement. read-write
EpubCover EPub export option for cover image. read-write
EpubFixedLayoutSpreadControl Choices for spread control for fixed layout EPub. read-write
EpubNavigationStyle Choices for epub navigation style. read-write
EpubVersion EPub export option for epub version. read-write
EventPhases Phase options for event propagation. read-write
ExportFormat Export format options. read-write
ExportLayerOptions Export layer options. read-write
ExportOrder Choices for export order of epub and html. read-write
ExportPresetFormat The type of preset to import or export. read-write
ExportRangeOrAllPages Page export options. read-write
FeatherCornerType Corner type options. read-write
FeatherMode On/off options for feathering. read-write
FeatureSetOptions Options for specifying a feature set. read-write
FindChangeTransliterateCharacterTypes Find/change transliterate character type options. read-write
FirstBaseline Starting point options for the first baseline of text. read-write
FitDimension Options for fitting to dimension. read-write
FitMethodSettings Fit method settings. read-write
FitOptions Options for fitting content to a frame. read-write
Fitting Options for fitting content to a frame. read-write
FlattenerLevel Rasterization options. read-write
Flip Flip direction options. read-write
FlipValues Options for flipping or unflipping text relative to the path. read-write
FloatingWindowPosition Options for specifying the position of a movie's display window. read-write
FloatingWindowSize The size of the movie's floating window. Valid only when floating window is true. read-write
FolioBindingDirectionOptions The folio binding direction option. read-write
FolioOrientationOptions The folio orientation option. read-write
FollowShapeModeOptions Follow-shape options for directional feathering. read-write
FontDownloading Options for downloading fonts to the printer. read-write
FontEmbedding Options for embedding fonts in the exported EPS. read-write
FontStatus Font status options. read-write
FontTypes Font type options. read-write
FootnoteFirstBaseline Options for specifying the amount of vertical space between the top of the footnote container and the first line of footnote text. read-write
FootnoteMarkerPositioning Options for positioning footnote reference numbers relative to characters the main text. read-write
FootnoteNumberingStyle Footnote numbering style options. read-write
FootnotePrefixSuffix Footnote prefix or suffix placement options. read-write
FootnoteRestarting Options for restarting footnote numbering. read-write
GIFOptionsPalette Color palette options for GIF conversion. read-write
GlobalClashResolutionStrategy The resolution strategy to employ for imported styles that have the same names as existing styles. read-write
GlobalClashResolutionStrategyForMasterPage Resolution options when loaded master pages have the same name as existing masterpages. read-write
GlowTechnique Glow technique options. read-write
GoToZoomOptions Zoom options for the goto destination page. read-write
GradientType Gradient type options. read-write
GridAlignment Alignment options for frame grids or baseline grids. read-write
GridViewSettings Grid view options. read-write
GuideTypeOptions Guide type options for ruler guides. read-write
HeaderFooterBreakTypes Placement options for header or footer rows. read-write
HeaderTypes Indexing sort option header types read-write
HorizontalAlignment The horizontal alignment of an anchored object. Not valid when anchored position is inline. read-write
HorizontalOrVertical Orientation options. read-write
HyperlinkAppearanceHighlight Options for highlighting the hyperlink when selected. read-write
HyperlinkAppearanceStyle Hyperlink border style options. read-write
HyperlinkAppearanceWidth Hyperlink border weight options. read-write
HyperlinkDestinationPageSetting Hyperlink destination page display options. read-write
HyphenationStyleEnum Provider hyphenation styles. Currently only supported by the Duden hyphenation provider. read-write
ICCProfiles The ICC profiles to include in the PDF document. read-write
IconSizes Icon size options. read-write
ImageAlignmentType Type of Image alignment for objects read-write
ImageConversion File format options for converted images. read-write
ImageDataTypes Options for sending image data to the printer or file. read-write
ImageExportOption Choices for export image. read-write
ImageFormat File format options for converted images read-write
ImagePageBreakType Image Page Break Options. read-write
ImageResolution Image resolution for converted object read-write
ImageSizeOption Image size option for a converted object read-write
ImportFormat Style import options. read-write
ImportPlatform Import platform options. read-write
ImportedPageCropOptions The cropping option of an imported InDesign page. read-write
InCopyUIColors InCopy UI colors. read-write
IndexCapitalizationOptions Index entry capitalization options. read-write
IndexFormat Options for formatting level 2 and lower index topics. read-write
InkTypes Ink trapping type options. read-write
InnerGlowSource Inner glow source options. read-write
InteractiveElementsOptions Options for how to draw interactive elements. read-write
InteractivePDFInteractiveElementsOptions Options for how to draw interactive elements. read-write
JPEGOptionsFormat Formatting options for converted JPEG images. read-write
JPEGOptionsQuality Quality options for converted JPEG images. read-write
JoinOptions Options for joining two path points. read-write
JpegColorSpaceEnum Color space options for representing color in the exported JPEG. read-write
Justification Text alignment options. read-write
K4AssetsFolderTypes K4 Assets Folder Types read-write
K4DocumentEditRight K4 Document Edit Right read-write
K4DpsImageFormat K4 Dps Image Format read-write
K4InsertDirection K4 Insert Direction read-write
K4IssueType K4 Issue Type read-write
K4MetaDataCompareType K4 Meta Data Compare Type read-write
K4MetaDataDataType K4 Meta Data Data Type read-write
K4MetaDataTypes K4 Meta Data Types read-write
K4MetaDataUIType K4 Meta Data UI Type read-write
K4MetaDataValidatorType K4 Meta Data Validator Type read-write
K4ObjectState K4 Object State read-write
K4ObjectType K4 Object Type read-write
K4SetTrackChanges K4 Set Track Changes read-write
K4SpecialIssue K4 Special Issue read-write
K4SpecialObjectType K4 Special Object Type read-write
K4SpecialOutputChannel K4 Special Output Channel read-write
K4SpecialSection K4 Special Section read-write
K4SpecialStatus K4 Special Status read-write
K4SpecialWorkflow K4 Special Workflow read-write
K4TaskStates K4 Task States read-write
K4TaskTransitionTypes K4 Task Transition Types read-write
K4TaskType K4 Task Type read-write
K4WfObjectType K4 Workflow Object Type read-write
KashidasOptions Kashidas. read-write
KentenAlignment Options for aligning kenten characters relative to the parent characters. read-write
KentenCharacter Style options for kenten characters. read-write
KentenCharacterSet Kenten character set options. read-write
KinsokuHangTypes Hanging punctuation options when a kinsoku set is in effect. read-write
KinsokuSet Predefined kinsoku set options. read-write
KinsokuType Kinsoku processing options. read-write
LanguageAndRegion Used to specify a language and region. read-write
LayoutRuleOptions Options for setting the layout rule on a page. read-write
Leading Leading type options. read-write
LeadingModel Leading model options. read-write
LibraryPanelViews Library panel views read-write
LineAlignment Line justification options. read-write
LineSpacingType Line spacing type. read-write
LinkResourceRenditionType The rendition type of the link resource. read-write
LinkStatus Link status options. read-write
ListAlignment List alignment options. read-write
ListType List type options. read-write
LiveDrawingOptions Live drawing options for when user mouse actions trigger live screen drawing of page items. read-write
Locale The locale. read-write
LocationOptions Options for specifying location relative to the reference object or within the containing object. read-write
MapType Mapping type for style mappings. read-write
MarkLineWeight Stroke weight options for printer marks. read-write
MarkTypes Options for printer marks formats. read-write
MatrixContent Matrix content. read-write
MeasurementUnits The unit of measurement. read-write
MojikumiTableDefaults Mojikumi table options. read-write
MonoBitmapCompression The amount and type of compression to apply to monochrome bitmap images. read-write
MoviePlayOperations Playback options. read-write
MoviePosterTypes The type of graphic for the movie poster. read-write
NestedStyleDelimiters Delimiter options for marking the end of the application of the nested style. read-write
NoteBackgrounds Note background color options. read-write
NoteColorChoices Note color options. read-write
NothingEnum Nothing. read-write
NumberedListExportOption Options for export order list. read-write
NumberedParagraphsOptions Numbered paragraphs options. read-write
NumberingStyle Numbering style read-write
OTFFigureStyle Figure style options for OpenType fonts. read-write
ObjectTypes Object type options. read-write
OpenOptions Used to specify how to open a document. read-write
OpenTypeFeature Supported OpenType feature options. read-write
OutlineJoin End join types. read-write
OverrideType Override clearing options. read-write
PDFColorSpace Options for specifying how to represent color information in the exported PDF. read-write
PDFCompressionType The objects to compress in the PDF document. read-write
PDFCrop The amount of the PDF document to place. read-write
PDFJPEGQualityOptions PDF JPEG Quality options. read-write
PDFMarkWeight PDF mark weight read-write
PDFProfileSelector The color profile. read-write
PDFRasterCompressionOptions PDF raster compression options. read-write
PDFXStandards Options for specifying the PDF/X compliance standard. read-write
PNGColorSpaceEnum Color space options for representing color in the exported PNG. read-write
PNGExportRangeEnum PNG page export range options. read-write
PNGQualityEnum Quality options for exported PNG images. read-write
PPDValues PPD options. read-write
PageBindingOptions The page binding placement. read-write
PageColorOptions Options for page color label. read-write
PageLayoutOptions PDF export page layout options. read-write
PageNumberPosition Page number position options. read-write
PageNumberStyle Page number style options. read-write
PageNumberingOptions Options for page numbering. read-write
PageOrientation Page orientation options. read-write
PagePositions Options for positioning the page on the paper or film. read-write
PageRange Page range options. read-write
PageRangeFormat Choices for page range format for export. read-write
PageReferenceType Options for index page references. read-write
PageSideOptions Binding spine placement options. read-write
PageTransitionDirectionOptions The page transition direction options. read-write
PageTransitionDurationOptions The page transition duration options. read-write
PageTransitionOverrideOptions Page transition to use as an override when exporting. read-write
PageTransitionTypeOptions The page transition type options. read-write
PageViewOptions options for viewing pages in Pages Panel read-write
PanelLayoutResize Palette layout resizing options. read-write
PanningTypes The display performance settings to use while scrolling. read-write
PaperSize Paper size options. read-write
PaperSizes Paper size optons. read-write
ParagraphBorderBottomOriginEnum Options for specifying basis of the bottom origin of the paragraph border. read-write
ParagraphBorderEnum Options for specifying basis of the width of the paragraph border. read-write
ParagraphBorderTopOriginEnum Options for specifying basis of the top origin of the paragraph border. read-write
ParagraphDirectionOptions Paragraph direction. read-write
ParagraphJustificationOptions Paragraph justification. read-write
ParagraphShadingBottomOriginEnum Options for specifying basis of the bottom origin of the paragraph shading. read-write
ParagraphShadingTopOriginEnum Options for specifying basis of the top origin of the paragraph shading. read-write
ParagraphShadingWidthEnum Options for specifying basis of the width of the paragraph shading. read-write
PathType Path type options. read-write
PathTypeAlignments Options for aligning text to the path's stroke. read-write
PdfDisplayTitleOptions PDF export display title options. read-write
PdfMagnificationOptions PDF export magnification options. read-write
PerformanceMetricOptions Performance metric options. read-write
PlacedVectorProfilePolicy The color profile policy for placed vector files (PDF or EPS). read-write
PlayOperations Playback options. read-write
PointType The path point type. read-write
Position Text position options. read-write
PositionAttributes Position attribute which you want to control. read-write
PositionalForms OpenType positional form options. read-write
PostScriptLevels Printer PostScript level options. read-write
PreflightLayerOptions Preflight layer options. read-write
PreflightProfileOptions Preflight Profile options. read-write
PreflightRuleFlag The flag indicating whether the rule is disabled, set for error, warning, or just informational. read-write
PreflightScopeOptions Preflight scope options. read-write
PreserveAppearanceFromLayoutEnum Preserve Appearance from Layout Options read-write
PreviewPagesOptions Options for preview pages. read-write
PreviewSizeOptions Preview size options. read-write
PreviewTypes Preview image file format options. read-write
PrintLayerOptions Print layer options read-write
PrintPageOrientation Page orientation options. read-write
Printer Printer options. read-write
PrinterPresetTypes Printer preset options. read-write
Profile Color profile options. read-write
ProofingType Options for proofing colors. read-write
PublishCoverEnum publish export option for cover image. read-write
PublishFormatEnum Choices for publish format. read-write
RangeSortOrder Sort order for hyperlink ranges. read-write
RasterCompressionOptions SWF raster compression options. read-write
RasterResolutionOptions PDF export raster resolution options. read-write
RecordSelection The records to merge. read-write
RecordsPerPage The number of records per page. read-write
RenderingIntent Rendering intent options. read-write
RepaginateOption Page numbering options for book content objects within the book. read-write
ResizeConstraints Resize constraints. read-write
ResizeMethods Resize methods. read-write
ResolveStyleClash Options for resolving clashes that result from matching style names. read-write
RestartPolicy Restart numbering options. read-write
RotationDirection Options for rotating the contents of the place gun read-write
RowTypes The row type. read-write
RubyAlignments Ruby alignment options. read-write
RubyKentenPosition Options for specifying the kenten or ruby position relative to the parent character. read-write
RubyOverhang Ruby overhang options. read-write
RubyParentSpacing Options for ruby spacing relative to the parent text. read-write
RubyTypes Ruby type options. read-write
RuleDataType The type of data for this data object. read-write
RuleWidth Options for specifying an object on which to base the width of the paragraph rule above. read-write
RulerOrigin Zero point placement options. read-write
SWFBackgroundOptions SWF export background options. read-write
SWFCurveQualityValue SWF curve quality values. read-write
Sampling The resampling method. read-write
SaveOptions Options for saving a document before closing or quitting. read-write
ScaleModes Page scaling options. read-write
Screeening Options for ink screening for composite gray output in PostScript or PDF format. read-write
ScreenModeOptions Screen mode options. read-write
ScriptLanguage The language of the script to execute. read-write
SearchModes Search mode options. read-write
SearchStrategies Search strategy options. read-write
SelectAll Selection options. read-write
SelectionOptions Options for selection status in relation to previously selected objects. read-write
Sequences Options for printing page sequences. read-write
ShadowMode Shadow mode options. read-write
SignatureSizeOptions Signature size options. read-write
SingleWordJustification Alignment options for lines that contain a single word. read-write
SizeTypeEnum size type options. read-write
SmartMatchOptions Options for matching names when synchronizing styles in a book. read-write
SmoothScrollingOptions The smooth scrolling option. read-write
SnapshotBlendingModes Modes that control which nearby snapshots, by size and shape, are blended into the new layout. read-write
SortAssets Sort order options read-write
SoundPosterTypes Sound poster graphics options. read-write
SourceFieldType Data type options for data merge fields. read-write
SourceSpaces Color-management system source options. read-write
SourceType The source type of alternate or actual text read-write
SpanColumnCountOptions Span Column Count Options. read-write
SpanColumnTypeOptions Type of Paragraph span. read-write
SpecialCharacters Special character options. read-write
SpreadFlattenerLevel Flattener level override options. read-write
StartParagraph Column and page break options. read-write
StateTypes Options for specifying the events (user actions) that change a button's state. read-write
StaticAlignmentOptions The alignment for static text. read-write
StoryDirectionOptions Story direction options. read-write
StoryHorizontalOrVertical Text orientation options. read-write
StoryTypes Story type options. read-write
StrokeAlignment Options for positioning the stroke relative to its path. read-write
StrokeCornerAdjustment The automatic adjustment to make to the pattern of a dashed or dotted stroke to cover corner points in a path. read-write
StrokeFillProxyOptions Options for the active stroke/fill proxy. read-write
StrokeFillTargetOptions Options for the target of the active stroke/fill proxy. read-write
StrokeOrderTypes Options for displaying row and column strokes at corners. read-write
StyleConflict Options for resolving style conflicts when importing tagged text. read-write
StyleType Style Type read-write
SyncConflictResolution The type of conflict resolution to employ during Version Cue synchronization. read-write
TabStopAlignment Tab stop alignment options. read-write
TableDirectionOptions Table direction options. read-write
TableFormattingOptions Formatting options for imported spreadsheets. read-write
TagRaster The display method for raster images. read-write
TagTextExportCharacterSet Character set options exporting tagged text files. read-write
TagTextForm Tag form options. read-write
TagTransparency Options for specifying how tranparencies are displayed. read-write
TagType The tag type of page item read-write
TagVector The display method for vector images. read-write
TaggedPDFStructureOrderOptions Tagged PDF structure order options read-write
TaskAlertType The type of a task alert. read-write
TaskState The state of a task. read-write
TextDirection Text Directions. read-write
TextExportCharacterSet Character set options for exported text files. read-write
TextFrameContents Text frame content type options. read-write
TextImportCharacterSet Character set options for importing text files. read-write
TextPathEffects Options for the alignment and appearance of type on a path. read-write
TextStrokeAlign Stroke alignment options. read-write
TextTypeAlignments The text alignment relative to the path. read-write
TextWrapModes Options for wrapping text around an object. read-write
TextWrapSideOptions Text wrap side options. read-write
ThreadedTextFrameTextOptions Text to consider in case of threaded text frames. read-write
ThumbsPerPage Options for the number of thumbnails per page. read-write
TilingTypes Tiling type options. read-write
ToolTipOptions Tool tip behavior options. read-write
ToolsPanelOptions Options for Tools panel. read-write
TransformPositionReference Options for specifying the reference position for X and Y attributes of style. If set none, it will disable the attribute. read-write
TrapEndTypes Shape options for the intersection of three-way traps. read-write
TrapImagePlacementTypes Options for trap placement between vector objects and bitmap images. read-write
Trapping Trapping options. read-write
UIColors Standard UI colors. read-write
UITools The enumeration of tool box tools. read-write
UndoModes Undo options for executing a script. read-write
UpdateLinkOptions Link updating options. read-write
UserInteractionLevels User interaction level options. read-write
VariableNumberingStyles Number variable numbering styles. read-write
VariableScopes Scopes for page number variable. read-write
VariableTypes Text variable types. read-write
VersionCueSyncStatus The synchronization status of the file in Version Cue. read-write
VersionState The version state of the file in Version Cue. read-write
VerticalAlignment The vertical alignment of an anchored object. read-write
VerticalJustification Vertical alignment options for text. read-write
VerticallyRelativeTo The vertical alignment point of an anchored object. read-write
ViewDisplaySettings Options for display performance settings, which influence the speed and quality with which an object draws and redraws. read-write
ViewZoomStyle View zoom style options. read-write
WarichuAlignment Warichu text alignment options. read-write
WatermarkHorizontalPositionEnum Watermark horizontal position enum type. read-write
WatermarkVerticalPositionEnum Watermark vertical position enum type. read-write
WhenScalingOptions Scaling options. read-write
XFLRasterizeFormatOptions XFL rasterize format options. read-write
XMLElementLocation Location options for XML elements. read-write
XMLElementPosition Options for specifying position relative to the reference XML element or withing the XML element. read-write
XMLExportUntaggedTablesFormat Export options for untagged tables in tagged stories. read-write
XMLFileEncoding File encoding options for exported XML content. read-write
XMLImportStyles Options for incorporating imported XML content. read-write
XMLTransformFile File used for XML transformation. read-write
ZoomOptions Display size options. read-write